About Us

PALS is Pakistan’s only accredited free public lifeguard service taking ownership of saving lives along the beaches of Karachi. Since 2004, PALS has saved over 5,000+ lives along the beaches of Karachi. Now, we bring to you PALS Outdoors which provides Adventure Trips and Tours to individuals and corporates across Pakistan. We also offer multiple Corporate Outdoor team building programs.

With PALS Outdoors, you be certain you will receive a whole lot of fun and adventure trips and tours in the outdoors. We have trips for everyone – from families & friends, to corporates & individuals.

So come enjoy with us for a revitalizing experience like no other! When you book through PALS Outdoors, you will not just be signing up for some time off from your usual routine but you will also be contributing to a great cause – helping us save lives along Karachi’s beaches!

Experience the outdoors in a safe environment, under the watchful eyes of our dedicated ‘PALS’.

Stay carefree as you have a wonderful time and let PALS Outdoors take care of you!

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